How to Setup a Shisha?

Setup a Shisha Pipe

KVDE knows for beginners it may be a bit overwhelming setting up your first Hookah. Whether you have been experiencing your Shisha at a Shisha lounge or a friend has it always been prepared, KVDE want you to know the in’s and out’s of setting up your very own Hookah.

How to setup Shisha:

  1. Check all parts have available and not damaged (If there are any parts missing or damage be sure to contact us immediately)
  2. Clean out your base to remove any residue or particles. Using a soft scrub or brush, scrub out the basin to remove all particles. Alternatively, if the hole cannot fit a scrub or brush, fill the base with lukewarm water and detergent, shake well and rinse out the water and detergent until all unwanted particles are removed. This step can be used whenever you wish to clean out your Hookah after a Shisha session
  3. Once you are comfortable with the cleanliness of the base, using different water, fill up your base to roughly halfway. If you have a base with a taller neck, it is recommended to fill before the neck to avoid overfilling with a base. You can fill the base with other alternatives such as ice to alter the sensation of the flavours.
  4. Place Hookah pipe into the base. Ensure the rubber bottom of the pipe is tightly connected to the base to prevent the pipe from falling off. If there is too much water placed into the base, the pipe will cause the water to overflow and leak out from the base.
  5. To connect the pipe to your Hookah, attach the rubber to the side of the pipe where there is a hole designed to connect the hose. Make sure the rubber is sealed tightly to prevent the hose from falling off. Again, ensure the amount of water is not overflowing as it can damage the hose and be problematic for your shisha experience.
  6. To check if there is the right amount of water in the base and the airflow is accurate, cover the top of the Hookah pipe so no air can come through. Inhale through the hose. If you manage to get air, the connection of your hose and pipe is not tight enough and retighten the pipe and hose to ensure there is no airflow.
  7. Twist the metal tray onto the pipe and then placing the bowl on top to complete setting up your hookah

How to add flavours to Shisha Head/Bowl

Now that you have assembled your hookah, now you are ready to prepare your herbal flavours!

  1. Placing inside the bowl, place any herbal flavour of your liking into the bowl. Break up as much herbal flavour that can fit into the bowl do not fill pass the brim as it will stick to the foil and will not get as much herbal flavour during the experience.
  2. Once you have filled the bowl appropriately, cover the bowl with foil tightly with foil (For Hookah Foil ).

We are almost there! Last bit, the charcoal

  1. Make sure you have purchased charcoal with your Hookah as it is essential (for our range of Charcoal for Hookah Pipes click: Charcoal For Hookah)
  2. Depending on the intensity of the experience you would like with your Shisha, this will vary on how much charcoal is on the Hookah. We recommend starting with 2 and if 2 is not intense enough, 3 is recommended.
  3. When burning charcoal holds the charcoal using the available Tongs. Using flame, at home using the stove flame is recommended, leave the charcoal to burn until there is a glow of orange (the duration will vary depending on the type of charcoal you have). PLEASE DO NOT PUT CHARCOAL IN MICROWAVE TO BURN.
  4. Once the charcoal has burned to the amount of your liking, using your tongs, place the charcoal on top of the foil gently to prevent the foil from tearing. Try to place the charcoal close to the centre, while being mindful that the charcoal is not causing the foil to sink so much that the herbal flavours touch the foil.
  5. Now you are ready
  6. Using the hose, inhale the flavours by breathing as deep and as long as you desire. hold the flavour for as long as possible to retain that flavour.     

There you have it. We hope at KVDE this helps your experience more Shisha experience more enjoyable. If you have still had issues, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to make your shisha experience as delightful as possible.

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